Cosplay of the Day: We All Scream for Starscream
If you've ever watched 'Transformers' back in the day, you probably remember the rambunctious Decepticon named Starscream. This robot of the skies always wanted to wrestle command of the Decepticons away from Megatron, but was almost always foiled, usually by his own doing. Today we h…
Which Piece Won't Get To Pass Go Anymore?
Hasbro is asking Monopoly fans to decide which of the classic Monopoly icons should no longer pass go and go directly to jail. The Rhode Island toy maker is retiring another game piece, but this time they're letting you decide via their Facebook Fan Page.
Furby is Back and Ready to Invade Christmas 2012
I had to have a Furby Christmas of 1999. It was the "must-have" toy that year, and every store was sold out, and back ordered. No one had one of those annoying, gibberish talking little creatures, and that was why I had to have one. I paid over $100 for my Furby back then.
Hasbro Toys is ho…