New Weight Training Gym Opening Soon In Twin Falls
Ground Zero Strength is a new strength training gym that plans on opening up soon in Twin Falls. If you are looking for a place that focuses on getting people stronger and less focused on cardio, this is going to be the place for you
Best Pandemic At Home Workouts
This ongoing pandemic thing has made going to the gym with a bunch of sweaty, hot-breathed people a whole lot less appealing (not that I was every a GTL kind of guy). However, over the past few months I have figured out a few things that make working out at home a little bit better.
Open Gyms
Keeping your kids active in the winter is a must! With temperatures dipping below 40 degrees this can be difficult.
Do You Hate January?
I realize the first of the year is suppose to be a fresh start. A time to set new goals and accomplish great things! BUT...I secretly hate January.
Lies People Tell About Working Out
Let me start this off by saying that I have not been to the gym in almost a year. So if you have been to the gym or even thought about going recently you are already a better person than I am.
Is CrossFit Better Than Lifting?
If you made a New Years resolution to get more fit, or you have been involved in the fitness industry in the past. You may have an opinion or questions about CrossFit verse weight lifting.
Locker Rooms [POLL]
The locker room at the gym seems really busy right now...probably because of New Years resolutions. A lot of people work out before the go to work or on their lunch hour, so being able to get ready in a locker room is a big advantage for them. I use the locker room to get ready every now and th…
Do you really need a Personal Trainer?
I’ll let you in on a little secret: I think the free classes included in most gym memberships, used correctly, can whip most people into shape just as well as one-on-one training sessions. And, certainly, there’s nothing like a little peer pressure to make you push ha…