Top 10 Idaho Made Foods
It’s no surprise that Idaho produces a lot of great food! According to Idaho Farm Bureau we produce 30 percent of russet type potatoes in the US. But we produce a lot more than just potatoes.
The Newest Genius Food Idea is . . . Gummy Bear Bratwurst
We have been to BBQ's and seen a food creation's that seems crazy...Chocolate-covered bacon, honey-glazed ham, McGriddles, Steak 'n Shake . . . and now this.  Which is definitely the STRANGEST combination of all.
NBC 11 - Minneapolis reported that in Hugo, Minnesota, Grundhofer&a…
The Six Worst Foods You Can Eat
 Half of the food sold at grocery stores is bad for you, but "Reader's Digest" boiled it down to a list of the absolute worst foods you can eat.  Here are the top six foods you should avoid.
#1.)  Processed Meat.  It's usually high in salt, fat, and cholesterol.  And according to the Ameri…
How to Make 5 Foods Last Longer in the Fridge

According to the magazine "Prevention", the average family throws away 122 pounds of food per month and wastes $590 a year on stuff that eventually goes bad.  So here are five perishables, and how you can make them last longer in the fridge.
#1.)  Eggs. Most new refrigerators have a speci…