easter eggs

Awesome New Way To Decorate Easter Eggs
Did you know about this? I love it. If you don't have any old ties laying around, you can pick some up at places like Mustard Seed, St Vincent de Paul or any thrift store in Twin Falls.
Do You Put Money or Candy In Plastic Easter Eggs?
Every year we buy a mass amount of chocolate malt balls and jelly beans to fill plastic eggs for Easter. This year my husband suggested putting money in all of the eggs so that the kids wouldn't have as much candy after Easter.
Make Your Own LED Easter Eggs
It's Easter! That means it's time for brightly colored Easter Eggs hid all over the house, which you may or may not ever find (until they start to smell). Instead of using real eggs this year, why not tech up your Easter a bit by creating your own LED Glowing Easter Eggs! The project is really simpl…