Local Business Collects Shoes
My kids are constantly growing out of their shoes. This results in an overflow of old shoes in my laundry room. If you also have a pile of shoes in your home that nobody is wearing Success Martial Arts wants them for people in need.
Idaho's Most Iconic Road Trip
The weather on Saturday in the Magic Valley was finally nice enough to go for a drive with the windows rolled down. Not all the way down, and not nice enough to take your motorcycle out like in this YouTube video, but it was over 50 degrees.
Driving Conditions in Filer
Four letter words were said in the making of this video therefore no sound is available at this time. 
If you had to brave the winter driving conditions this morning you know that visibility is very low, roads are extremely slick, and drifting snow is covering many Southern Idaho roadways.
Road Conditions To Pomerelle Ski Resort
Recently, we took video of Howell Canyon Road, also known as Pomerelle road. Please note the video doesn't reflect actual speeds.
The road had been plowed and sanded making driving conditions OK. However, if I've learned anything about reporting driving conditions it's that everyone&ap…
Fast Track Video of Twin Falls To Vegas [Sponsored]
One of the perks of living in Southern Idaho is that you're not to far from Vegas. You can fly to Vegas in 3 hours for about $300. Or you can do what I always do and "road trip-it" across Nevada.
If you drive take a reliable the 2015 Nissan Titan Pro 4X from Rob …
The Rules of a Key Faub
If you have a new vehicle, like the 2014 Nissan Morano from Rob Green Auto Group, you probably have a push start ignition. If you are like me, you may a few questions regarding the push start ignition. The biggest question I have is: If you start your car with the key faub inside the car, but then d…
How Many Little Girls Can Fit in a Nissan Versa Note?
The Nissian Versa Note, that Jackie is test driving from Rob Green Auto Group, gets GREAT gas mileage and is big enough to fit your entire family and then some. To prove how roomie the Versa Note is, Jackie put a BUNCH of cute little girls in the Versa Note...
Jackie Gets Another New Car!
I've has been test driving a lot of different vehicles from Rob Green Auto Group. This week I'm driving a 2014 Hyundai Sonata. This car is cute, comfortable, affordable and comes with every feature you would want in a new car.
Mom Car & Race Car?
Every mom wants a car that's practical and fast! The Nissan Altima from Rob Green Auto Group is both of these things.
Jackie Will Never Get Lost Again
I love new cars! They smell good, they're clean, there isn't a scratch on them and they come with the latest and best technology. I'm test driving the Nissan Altima from Rob Green Auto Group and I'm extremely impressed.
Is it Harder to Drive in Flip Flops or High Heels?
I drive in flip flops all of the time but when I drive in high heels I take my shoes off and drive bare foot. Flip flops seem easy to drive in while high heels are not the most conformable thing to drive in. According to a new survey from the Daily Mail, wearing flip flops is one of the most dangero…
Top Things We Fight About on Road Trips
While we may love our spouse and spending time with them it only takes one annoying song or one wrong turn to cause a fight that could last for hours.
According to Your Tango here are the top seven fights people have during road trips:

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