Strep Throat
Everybody seems to be sick this time of year. I've noticed that some people are become extremely sick which is different from the usual cold we see this time of year. My family and some co-workers have been sick for the past week and I didn't think it was anything but a flu/cold until I received a n…
Life Is About Perspective
I had a rough day. I was feeling pretty lousy until I visited my doctor this afternoon, and she gave me a healthy, albeit accidental, dose of perspective.
Should Doctors Be Able to Prescribe Vacations?
Should doctors be able to prescribe VACATIONS?  We don't know if it's a realistic possibility, but it would be good for the country in two ways.  One, doctors would prescribe us fewer mind-controlling pills, and two, we'd actually be FORCED to relax.
Sick Kids [POLL]
It is hard to know what the right thing to do is when your kids are sick. Both of my kids have been sick a lot this winter and I find myself making doctors appointments because I am freaked out only to turn around and cancel them because I realize they have a 24 hour bug.
Where Do You Dread Taking Your Kids? [POLL]
My son's dentist called the other day and reminded me that it was time for his 6 month check-up. Last time I took him to the dentist he cried all the way in and all the way out. It took 4 people holding him down just so the dentist could look at his teeth. It was terrible!
How Health Are You?

Here's a list from of four signs you're in relatively GOOD health.

1. When You Empty Your Bladder, It's Fairly Clear. It should be a pale yellow color, and you should be using the bathroom a few times a day.  It's a sign that you're properly hydrated, and your kidneys are healt…