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Biggest Pet Peeve?
Deep down we're all just old people annoyed by everything and everyone. My pet peeves seem a little odd but everyone is annoyed by something. I hate when the handle gets stuck on the toilet and you can hear the water trying to fill up the tank and I hate slow drivers. What's yours?
Cell Phone Scam
You may want to be careful who you call back. There is a scam happening in Twin Falls and surrounding cities were your cellphone will ring, and a phone number appears.
Before you can answer it, the call hangs up. Here's where the scam gets you - when you call back, it almost sounds like someone …
Your Cell Phone is Making You Ugly
Yahoo has given us a list of ways your phone might be making you ugly.   In my case, it must be working.
1. Dark Circles Under Your Eyes. Screens emit radiation that causes headaches and keeps you awake. No sleep can create dark circles under your eyes...
Are The Warning Beeps Driving You Crazy?
I can't go anywhere without being beeped at! Warning alerts can be a great thing but lets be honest...to many warning beeps and a person is very likely to snap. Most cars have warning beeps for low tire pressure, seat belt warnings, windows being rolled down etc.
Could You Leave Your Cell Phone In The Car? [POLL]
It's kinda sad when you look around a restaurant and see people at EVERY TABLE staring down at their phones, texting, and completely IGNORING the people they're eating with.
According to Foodbeast there's a restaurant in Los Angeles that's SO determined to stop that, they&apo…
10 Tips To Be A More Courteous Cell Phone User
I honestly believe the smart phone is one of mankind's most amazing achievements. For many of us, our smart phone has become an "Exo-brain"--external mind--that keeps track of our schedules, finances, social interaction, business, and just about every other facet of our lives. But with the…

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