This is good news for Brad Weiser and Terry Morgan. According to a new survey from Modis, Americans--almost three out of five--say that being called a "geek" isn't an insult any more:  It's a COMPLIMENT.

I know that I appreciate a good geek whenever I break my phone or computer.

And for adults, 41% would rather be called a geek than a jock.  22% would rather be called a jock than a geek.  But only 17% of Americans actually identify THEMSELVES as a geek.

Young people are the most likely to have a positive view of the word geek.  66% of people 18-to-34 say that geek is a compliment . . . while only 39% of people over 65 agree.

And just because being called a 'geek' is ok, it is not ok to be called a nerd. Keep that in mind.