It seems there are a number of Magic Valley locals who are furious over people disposing of large residential items in business dumpsters throughout southern Idaho. The topic recently came up on an area social media site.

Southern Idaho has a major problem with residents tossing out personal garbage and large home items in area business trash bins, according to a local Facebook Rants / Raves website. Several area social media users sounded off in regards to a Facebook post over the weekend in which a local woman shared a photograph of a couch stuffed into a Buhl dumpster.

The actions of people lugging items like couches around looking for places to abandon these types of items isn't only a city nuisance, but it's illegal too. Illegal dumping (Section 18-7031) is a misdemeanor and can carry with it a fine of $1,000 in Idaho. These types of household items should be donated or hauled to the dump, and never placed inside private trash containers.

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Many of these businesses have cameras on-site, which is another reason to properly dispose of unwanted possessions. I recently moved to a new home in Twin Falls and disposed of a number of items I didn't wish to take with us. Southern Idaho has a number of donation and disposal locations to accommodate unwanted waste.

Not to mention, leaving these large items for others to deal with isn't fair. City waste workers have a tough enough job dealing with overflow from residential neighborhoods. Let's try to dispose of Magic Valley waste in a more responsible manner.

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