If you're fascinated with tornadoes, there's a new tool that will allow you to see the path of all the twisters that have hit Idaho over the past 65 years.

This graphic is the result of data from the National Severe Storms Laboratory and research from Illinois State University, the National Weather Service and various other agencies.

It's called Tornado Tracks and you can search all intensities of tornadoes in Idaho from 1950 through 2015. All you have to do is go to their website and enter "Idaho" in the search field.

Midwest Regional Climate Center, Illinois State University
Midwest Regional Climate Center, Illinois State University

Most of the tornadoes that we see in Idaho are of the less powerful F0 and F1 variety. But, there are a handful of stronger F2's that you'll also find on this map. There's the 1990 twister that hit north of Twin Falls near Jerome. F2 tornadoes from 1968 and 1991 are also on there.

If you find yourself watching the movie "Twister" very often, maybe this is a tool you can have some fun with and maybe learn something.

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