If you're looking for a new business opportunity, you should look into opening an Anger Room in the Twin Falls area.

A few of these anger rooms have opened up across the US and they are quickly becoming all the rage.

Not to be confused with escape rooms, anger rooms are places where you can go to legally smash the crap out of stuff. For a fee, you can take a whack at just about anything you can think of.  Dishes, computer monitors, cell phones and big screen TV's are listed among the more popular items. And during election season, effigies of Trump and Clinton were quite popular.

The Twin Falls area seems to have a lot to be angry about. The snow, the heat, chip sealing, bad parking... Heck, Blue Lakes on a Tuesday afternoon can be enough to get your blood boiling.

I can't imagine the overhead of running an anger room would be all that high, either. Basically, you need a bunch of old junk, some tools to destroy said junk and some safety gear. The biggest cost would probably be the lawyer you'll need to draft your liability waiver so you don't get sued if someone pulls a Rotator cuff while taking a whack at a map of California or a Toyota Prius.

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