You may want to be careful who you call back. There is a scam happening in Twin Falls and surrounding cities were your cellphone will ring, and a phone number appears.

Before you can answer it, the call hangs up. Here's where the scam gets you - when you call back, it almost sounds like someone has dialed you on accident.

According to KMVT what you don't know is if the number is actually an international number, using a computer to automatically generate fake numbers to a not-so friendly phone call, usually with inappropriate sounds, but sometimes simply putting you on hold and racking up your phone bill. According to the Pocatello Police you could be charged $3 to $5 a minute, but some reports suggest you could be charged much more than that.

Some of the numbers you may see when these calls come in including 809, 876, 284 and 473. You should be aware of this scam and educate your children with cell phones and elderly with cell phones not to call miss calls back.

You should also pay close attention to your monthly bill.