Jake Owen fans will soon be hearing a new tune on country radio: The singer has announced "Good Company" as the next single from his newest studio album, American Love. The song has a tropical feel and reggae-influenced melody, and its lyrics wax poetic about making "good vibes, good times and a damn good memory."

"Good Company" is a laid-back tune punctuated by Owen's smooth vocals and easygoing delivery: "We're just back-porch sitting / Doing some old-school picking / Got some brand-new strings on my Gibson," Owen sings in the first verse. "Yeah, I'll play your favorite song / The cooler's down to the last drop / But it won't last that way long / 'Cause Tommy's making a beer run ..." 

The chorus of "Good Company" notes that the "only thing missing is a pretty girl sitting here next to me," and Owen alters the familiar acronym "BYOB" to be "bring yourself over, babe." Readers can press play above to hear the song.

"Good Company" is the sixth track on American Love, which Owen released in July of 2016. The project's 11 songs reflect Owen's current standing in life.

"Music is healing, whether it's sad songs or happy songs — just depending on where you are in life and what you need to hear at that point," Owen tells Rolling Stone Country. "This album has a lot of different aspects of my life thread throughout it. I think people will kinda get a good idea of where I am in life, where I'm going and where I've been."

American Love is available on iTunes.

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