For those that know a little bit about Idaho's gold rush history, there were stagecoach trails throughout southern Idaho that were used to transport gold and cash back and forth. From Pocatello to Boise, there is said to be lost loot stashed by bandits near some of these known trails that still hasn't been recovered.

Treasure hunting is a hobby that attracts a large number of people to historical mining sites throughout Idaho. Over the past 160 years going back to the Gem State's gold boom of the 1860s, there are a number of documented train and coach robberies that resulted in arrests without the recovery of stolen treasure and cash. Fortune seekers and historians insist that in order to find buried or stashed treasure, all a person needs to do is research these nineteenth-century Idaho wagon routes and get to looking.

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One of the most famous Gem State stories of stolen treasure is the heist of a coach carrying what would be worth $1 million of gold in today's market in Portneuf Canyon south of Pocatello. There are also reports of gold stashed throughout Boise County.

For those that seek knowledge of these old routes used by state treasury and bank officials to transport gold and cash throughout southern Idaho, a trip to your local library or book store should provide this information. It's a matter of thinking like a bandit and exploring areas near these trails that make sense as a safe haven to hide valuables. A shovel and metal detector are a must, as many of these cash and gold hauls were transported in lock boxes.

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