At what point does your rage against politicians become irrational?  Idaho Governor Brad Little posted a Father’s Day message over the weekend on Facebook.  It immediately drew snide comments from people who don’t like him for any slight they believe he’s inflicted.

There’s a difference between having legitimate differences with the Governor and just being a jerk.

A neighbor in my high school class didn’t like someone at school. “I just don’t like him,” was his reply when I asked why.  I never thought that was a reasonable explanation, and I considered the neighbor an idiot.

I’ve had my political differences with the Governor (see COVID), but when I’ve met him, he’s always been polite, and self-effacing and he can laugh and also laugh at himself.  He plays hardball politics, and it’s not pretty.  But he wouldn’t be the first person in elective office to take that approach.  It’s the norm and not an aberration.

He also has a family and I’m sure loves his wife and kids.  When he posts a message about family and shares a family picture, it’s not the same as ordering a COVID lockdown.

If you want your concerns heard, start by being civilized.  Brad Little wouldn’t be my first choice for Governor at the moment, but he sure was a better choice than Paulette Jordan.  He was also a better choice than the forgotten Democrat who challenged him in 2022.

You can call him a RINO, and yes I wish he was much more like Ron DeSantis, but I’ve lived under a lot of moderate Republican Governors and a lot of Democrats.  The former are often disappointments.  The latter are downright scary.

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