It started with a post about firearms safety.  I used a picture of a pistol to illustrate the story.  I got flagged by Facebook because a picture of a gun is somehow dangerous.  Never mind they’re used by law enforcement all over the world.

Things have gone downhill between Facebook and me ever since.  I posted a political analysis from talk show host Erik Erickson.  He’s the least inflammatory guy on talk radio.  Facebook said it violated standards.  Following the Erickson post, I started getting these warnings a few times a week.

This morning, I woke to a reprimand.  I can’t post any live videos for a month.  Facebook said it was because I posted a pornographic picture.  Folks, I’ve had social media accounts for 15 years, and never once have I posted pornography.  The citation didn’t specify the image, so I was unable to find the choices available.  And how does a so-called violation of picture policy impact a live video?

My videos are promotions for what’s ahead on a radio show.

Has Facebook installed AI to police posts?  Maybe it’s not ready for prime time, but I could see how the greedy tech titans would see it as a money maker.  You don’t have to pay a living human being in Bangalore three cents an hour to judge American culture and politics.

The current Silicon Valley robber barons are in league with Democrats.  We’re in a pivotal election year.  Expect more efforts to silence dissenting voices before November.

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