Exploring Idaho's beautiful cities as a local is an absolute joy.

More often than not, it's a much better option than a far-away getaway. We may be biased, but we think Idaho is bursting at the seams with sensational landscapes and charming communities that can make every trip feel like an exciting new adventure. From the quaint and picturesque lakes of Coeur d'Alene to the historic streets of Boise's Harrison Boulevard, there's always something to explore in the Gem State.

One of the biggest perks of local vacays is affordability.

Common sense dictates that most folks would save a ton of money by nixing expensive flights or extensive travel plans while enjoying unique experiences.

Just as cool, local trips are so much more convenient! Pack up the car and the kids, and within a few short hours, you and yours could be marveling at the beauty of the Sawtooth Mountains on a hike or tasting your way through the wineries nestled in the Snake River Valley.

Idaho has adventures for everyone.

For couples and families alike, Idaho's diverse cities and townships offer something for everyone.

Have curious kiddos? They'll love the interactive exhibits at the Discovery Center in gorgeous downtown Boise. At the same time, couples can relish in romantic getaways in dreamy towns like McCall on the banks of Payette Lake. We'd be remiss not to mention Idaho's spectacular cuisine scene! Fresh farm-to-table dining experiences are a staple across the state.

When you live in Idaho, there's no need to travel far when you have such a treasure trove of experiences waiting to happen in your own backyard.

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