There's just something cool about vanity plates.

In states like Idaho and Utah, personalized vanity license plates have become a popular, quirky way for locals to have fun with their cars and trucks.

Vanity plates are like tiny canvas for drivers to showcase their creativity, political and religious beliefs, sense of humor, interests, and other intriguing hints about the person behind the wheel.


Sometimes, it's a witty play on words you get or leaves you scratching your head in five o'clock traffic for as long as you're stuck behind them.

Sometimes, it's a tribute to a favorite hobby, a career field, a departed loved one, or a patriotic hat tip to those who serve and protect the nation. Whatever the message, Idahoans and Utahns love customized license plates because they foster a sense of individuality standard-issue plates can't compete with.

Vanity plates make traffic jams a little less boring.

Personalized plates are fun! Whether you spot one while driving or catch a glimpse of one while you're strolling down the sidewalk, vanity plates capture a community's attention in cool and unexpected ways.

They add pizzazz, a touch of whimsy, and lightheartedness to an otherwise routine commute. It's neat when you come across a witty plate that sparks your curiosity and brightens your day. It's as if that driver just gave you a gift simply for sharing the road of life with them.

Doh! There's a fine line between funny & inappropriate vanity plates.

Then there are the folks that make it so the rest of us can't have nice things. They're the ones who get carried away with certain words or phrases, especially ones about sex or politics, that are a little too risqué or offensive in public settings.

We hate to say it, but these kinds of vanity plates raise concerns (and eyebrows) about the appropriateness of colorful expressions in spaces we all share, including those shared by children and those with diverse sensitivities.

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  • a look at 50+ funny & inappropriate ID & UT license plates the DMV rejected

Rejected Personalized License Plates In Idaho

Personalized license plates in Idaho are a highly governed and censored item. Your personalized plate can't be vulgar, offensive, hateful, or profane. That doesn't stop people from trying.

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25 More Rejected Idaho License Plates

Personalized license plates in Idaho can be creative, but they can't be vulgar, offensive, hateful, or profane.
DISCLAIMER: Before you keep scrolling be advised that the plates were rejected for falling into at least one of the unacceptable categories and therefore might be offensive to see.

Gallery Credit: Idaho Transportation Department

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