If anyone in Idaho deserves to have a day honoring them, it's Jeff Zausch. The guy is so charismatic that it's impossible for most of us to describe him. He willingly volunteers to participate in television's most demanding and grueling show, Naked and Afraid Last One Standing Season 2.

For those who are not yet acquainted with the show on Discovery Channel, it's exactly as the title suggests- a test of survival in the most extreme conditions, with the added challenge of being naked. The participants are given one tool and must survive and navigate their way for thirty or sixty days through dangerous living conditions.

Mr. Zausch has appeared on the program several times and is famous for being the villain of Season One. Naked and Afraid's Last One Standing pits the champions of prior seasons against each other, culminating in the Last One Standing. The contestants must complete challenges and provide essential basic elements of their survival.

The Idahoan was so dominant and successful that every other challenger deemed him a threat. Though the competition is individual, they all conspire to expel Mr. Zausch from the show. Eventually, he lost, making it shy of the final cut.



Not to be deterred, the adventurous Idahoan returns to network television this Sunday. Although many, including myself, find the show disturbing, one can't help but watch to root for Mr. Zausch. The show's winner receives $100,000; however, there are easier ways to earn six figures.

Consider this: how many of us could successfully craft a knife, use elephant dung, or create an axe, let alone in the extreme conditions faced by the contestants of Naked and Afraid Last One Standing Season 2?

Naked and Afraid Last One Standing Season 2 Knives Out premieres Sunday on the Discovery Channel at 6 pm MT.

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