We all know that there's a lot to see in Idaho, but there are some places that could be dangerous... and others are just flat-out illegal.

If you're so inclined to see some of these places, you can with some effort

You can get into most places if you're motivated enough to do so but you'll likely find yourself in trouble. That being said, we came up with five places that you probably don't want to attempt to visit because you'll get busted for trespassing.

To be fair, some of these places can be accessed if you take the necessary measures but if you think that you're going to simply drive up to any of these places and visit on your terms... you're sadly mistaken.

Whether it's due to the time of year or a lack of credentials, we found five places that are illegal to visit in Idaho.

Did You Know It’s Illegal To Visit These 5 Places In Idaho?

Taking in what Idaho has to offer is cool and all... until you wind up someplace you're not supposed to.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Again - if you can secure a visitor's pass or go at the right time, you'd be allowed in most of the aforementioned places. On the other end of the spectrum, there is one area you probably don't want to visit - Idaho's "Zone of Death."

It is said that if you visit this 50-mile radius area of Idaho, you could commit any crime you wanted to there and never be convicted -- even murder.

Inside Idaho's Zone of Death

An exclusive look inside the area where you can legally get away with murder.

Gallery Credit: KEVIN MILLER

That sounds terrifying but thankfully in Idaho, we're all about protecting ourselves. As a matter of fact, we found seven weapons that are illegal everywhere in America... except in Idaho.

7 Deadly Weapons That Are 100% Illegal... Except in Idaho

Idaho would be the ultimate state and setting for the horror-film franchise The Purge... here are 7 weapons that are illegal in other states but not Idaho.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

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