Every year I love reading, "The Top Gifts a Women Wants", to see if I agree with them. For the most part I agree with this year's list with the exception of one item. Number three on the list is a pet. Really? Maybe I am wrong but, lats time I checked no women wants a surprise pet. Right?

A new survey from FemaleFirst asked men and women to name their dream gifts, AND the gifts they hate the most.  Here are the results . . . see if you agree.

The top five gifts women want the most:

1.)  Designer shoes.

2.)  A designer coat.

3.)  A pet.

4.)  A designer purse.

5.)  Jewelry.


The five gifts women DON'T want:

1.)  Household items.

2.)  Gift cards.

3.)  Champagne.

4.)  A gym membership.

5.)  A kitchen appliance.