Idaho's favorite furniture store is apparently not very popular anywhere else because they recently filed for bankruptcy. On February 17th, Pier 1 Imports filed for bankruptcy protection after announcing that they were closing more than 400 stores this year. A recent phone call to the Twin Falls store came with good news for our town, the associate told us that the Twin Falls store is not closing. Fingers crossed that it stays that way.

Earlier this month the website HouseMethod released an article about each state's favorite furniture store according to Google Trends. The big winner in Idaho was Pier 1 Imports. If you drive by the Twin Falls' store up near Home Depot on Poleline you don't even have to enter the store to see that it is a cool place. You can see the whole store through the giant glass windows. I'll admit though that I have never been inside. My house has a lot less of a 'fancy feel' and more of a 'my kids break everything look' to it.

Other big winners in states around us were IKEA and Ashley HomeStore. Idaho doesn't have an IKEA so seeing that as a winner here would be odd. We do have Ashley HomeStores, including one on Filer in Twin Falls. They are currently celebrating their 75th Anniversary with a store wide sale. It is always good to have options when shopping for furniture and HouseMethod recommends you shop around before big purchases.

Despite closures across the company, Pier 1 continues to be an active business. Their Facebook page is loaded with content ever few days about deals and decoration tips. They even had a special event earlier this month with demos and giveaways.

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