This past weekend I saw one of the most horrific sights. Savannah and I were taking our dog Koda to the veterinarian and while waiting in the lobby in came a dog in serious trouble.

There was a dog that was being carried in by it's owner because it couldn't walk. The dog was covered in blood because he was riding in the back of a truck bed and fell out and was drug behind the truck.

It was clear that this dog owner didn't mean for this horrible thing to happen to his dog. But it did, and all dog owners need to realize that this can easily happen with dogs riding in the back of truck beds. After speaking with our vet is sounded like this dog was going to make it but she was visibly upset, because this was avoidable.

This obviously stuck with me and I found this article online about 100,000 dogs are killed annually from riding in truck beds. That means 100,000 furry family members gone, when it doesn't need to happen.

As a dog owner I cringe when I see dogs in truck beds while I am driving on I-84 but I see it all the time. I think it's time to make it illegal for dogs to ride in truck beds in the state of Idaho, what about you?

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