We see statistics all the time and, frankly, most of them are meaningless lists. However, I saw one stat today that is troubling for those of us in Idaho. If the numbers are to be believed, Idaho has a problem with bullying.

This all started as I saw new numbers from Wallet Hub regarding the safest states in the US. In this list, Idaho came in a very boring #24. That's not a big deal. But, when you dive deeper into the statistics, you notice that Idaho ranks way down when it comes to the number of bullying incidents.

That led me to an anti-bullying website, StopBullying.gov. You can review the different areas where Idaho has policies and laws in effect covering the different aspects of bullying. If you remember, the governor signed a bill last year to try and stop bullying in schools.

All of us are aware of the disturbing bully incident in Dietrich that happened recently. The law that was signed sure didn't stop that attack. You would hope that assaults like that would be rare, isolated anomalies. The numbers say they are not.

The sad part is that Idaho ranks 39th if you're specifically looking at reported bullying incidents.

Do these numbers seem accurate to you? If so, what do we in Idaho do about it? One way or another, it does look like Idaho has a big bully problem that doesn't have easy answers.