Gordy's Hwy 30 Music Fest is coming up in June and on Saturday night you have a chance to see Sam Riggs perform. Not only is he crazy talented but he will also have a special just for those going to the festival.

Sam Riggs is working on his new album and it will be released right before Hwy 30 Music Fest. As a way to celebrate, they are offering a special private performance of all seven of his new songs, open bar, and the chance to party with Sam Riggs. Only 100 tickets will be available. Here is a little taste of what he will be performing.

Tickets aren't on sale for the private performance yet, but regular tickets to Hwy 30 are available right now. As long as you have a ticket to Hwy 30 for Saturday night you will get to see him. You also need a ticket to Hwy 30 to be eligible for the private show. Make sure you keep an eye out online to see if you can buy some tickets. Just for good measure, here's another song he will be performing that night.

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