If you're an early riser, or have a passion for cool space happenings, then stepping outside your Magic Valley home in the early hours of May 6 might pay off to the tune of streaking fireballs in the sky. The Earth will pass through a debris field left by the most famous comet in recorded history.

Set your alarms for early this Thursday morning, May 6. The Earth will be entering a debris field in less than 48 hours, which are remnants of Halley's Comet, according to details shared by space.com. A YouTube video produced yesterday gives a better explanation of what those of us in the Magic Valley can expect Thursday. You'll have to get up prior to sunrise to witness this incredible display.

Halley's Comet last passed within view of the Earth way back in 1986, and won't be returning until 2061, according to space.com. What those of us in southern Idaho will get the opportunity to view in the sky Thursday is what those in the space community refer to as "cosmic litter." Think of it as a sort of an early Fourth of July display, except these space mortars have the ability to do serious damage.

The Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower will best be viewed Thursday, May 6, between the hours of 3 A.M and 6 A.M. (MT). Between 30 and 60 meteors per hour could be viewed if conditions are good. The current Magic Valley weather forecast is calling for mostly clear conditions for this time period.

Good luck viewing!

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