Based on the development of his newest game, Peter Molyneux seems to have done a complete 180 with the way that he feels about funding website Kickstarter.

In an interview with TechRadar, Peter Molyneux, creator of games such as the Fable Series, has said that he "wouldn't do Kickstarter at the start of development" again. Molyneux feels that it is "a hugely risky undertaking that can be very destructive to the final quality of the game." He explains that the idea behind Kickstarter -- showing the fans what they will get before it's created -- is the problem. "I don't think that works," Molyneux stated. "Because I think what ends up happening, and what ended up happening with Godus, is that people get a view of what the game is going to be like from what you've said here, and that view is quite often different from what the final game is."

One of Godus' primary complaints is the addition of pay-to-win gems. The gems weren't in the Kickstarter's original description of the game, which is the basis for Molyneux's newly formed opinion. He went on to say, "the behavior is incredibly destructive, which is 'Christ, we've only got 10 days to go and we've got to make £100,000 for f**ks sake, lets just say anything'."

I think the real issue seems to lie in Molyneux's own ethics instead of Kickstarter's framework, but that's just my opinion. Godus, for those still excited about the game, can be played now on your smartphones or computers.