Not only is it Friday the 13th, but it is also a full moon. I have heard some strange superstitions before and some of you shared some good ones. Have you heard of these, believe these or have some superstitions we haven't listed?

My mom is fairly superstitious. It was interesting growing up in a household where there were no umbrellas so they couldn't be opened in the house or watching my mom throw spilled salt over her shoulder. But there were some that weren't so common.

My mom refused to take a ring off someone else's finger. If she wanted to see a ring or someone wanted to see hers, she would make sure the owner of the ring took it off themselves or it would be bad luck. Especially a wedding ring.

Someone shared with me that you don't give knives as a gift because the blade would sever the relationship between the two unless it was "paid" for. So she said someone would give her a penny in return for the knives as to keep the relationship intact.

If you give a wallet or purse to someone you have to put money in it or it is bad financial luck. If you give a wallet or purse that is empty, it will apparently stay that way. Again, another penny should do the trick with this one.

I had never really believed in Friday the 13th until I had a particularly unlucky one. It was also a full moon and it was in October. Tonight should be interesting with a full moon, for some reason that always brings out the crazies.

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