Hundreds of years in our future, historians will be asking what drove our mass hysteria.  They’ll be speaking about the government, media and public response to the coronavirus of 2020. 

What the heck were we thinking?

I’ve been among the dissenters from the very beginning.  The newscasters have spent the last 7 weeks telling me I’m in a minority.  Apparently, those left jobless are my only allies, although.  My army gains strength every week.

If more had access to news beyond the old alphabet networks, they would be dumbstruck by a piece appearing in one of the world’s oldest medical journals.  The Lancet has been around for 197 years.  Today it carries a shocking piece by a doctor.  It appears we destroyed the lives of hundreds of millions to appease what will be for most, a mild illness.  Or no illness at all.

You can read what he says by clicking this link.

What the heck were we thinking?

He argues nearly every last human being on the planet will be infected.  Most will never even know they’ve carried the virus.  When I say most, the numbers are staggeringly high.

This should demolish the argument made by any governor, mayor or president when they claim it’s for your own good.  Any abject fool who says we’ll need restrictions until a vaccine arrives must be sacked.  At the ballot box, by recall or by doing the right thing.  Which would be to resign long before Election Day.

Good intentions are no excuse.  Again, if your fire break unintentionally burns down the town, there remain penalties.   We've absolutely been going down the wrong road!


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