You might save a lot of money on Black Friday or you might max out your credit card. It all depends on how you play your cards.

PR Newswire came up with a list of things you should know before you go shopping on Black Friday.

  • Even though fitness trackers like Fitbit seem cool, no one really wants them. 59% of people say it's the gift they want the least.
  • Women are more than twice as likely to max out a credit card doing their Black Friday shopping. 9% of women have done it, versus 4% of men.
  • Three out of four people have made an impulse purchase, and almost half immediately regretted it.
  • Men are three times as likely as women to buy something online on Friday.
  • You're more likely to get a better deal or have to stand in the bone-chilling cold for hours if you shop on Cyber Monday rather than Black Friday.

So what's the plan this Black Friday: Shop smart or swipe those cards until they start to overheat? Either way, if you want to hit the ground running this Friday, you'll need all of the 2014 Black Friday Ads. Good luck!