POLL: The Worst Intersection In Twin Falls
We had to ask the question because when we posted about some of the worst intersections, more and more were added. Now we have to know which intersection is the worst. Which one do you avoid at all cost?
POLL: Bets On The Next Crazy Event To Happen In 2020
Let me start this off by saying this is meant to be a joke and not to offend anyone. 2020 has been a crazy year so let's pretend that nothing is going to surprise us next and vote on what crazy event is going to be coming next in 2020. After everything this year has brought these ideas aren&apo…
Teachers/Parents/Students: Will You Return To School If It Opens
With the Coronavirus pandemic still very much happening, we have heard some people say that they will or will not be allowing their children to go back to school if everything returns to normal in the fall. Some teachers have said they will not return as well. We want to know what Twin Falls and oth…
POLL: Best Place To Get A Salad In Twin Falls
This may not sound nearly as exciting as the restaurants with the best burgers or tacos, but it is still an important question. There are some delicious options for salads around here and I want to know where the best place to get one is.

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