There have been some posts on Subway's Facebook page claiming  that Subway's footlong really isn't a foot long.  It's 11 inches.

The controversy started when a guy in Australia posted a photo of his footlong with a measuring tape on top, showing that it's very clearly and very exactly 11 inches.

After that, a lot of other people have followed his lead and posted their photos of undersized Subway footlongs.  The photos are coming from all over, including the U.S.

There's one theory floating around that the bread starts at 12 inches but shrinks when it's toasted.  The other theory?  Subway has never served 12-inch bread, and it took us this long to notice.

I tend to agree with the former.  Anyone who's made a piece of toast can tell you that the bread shrinks when you toast it.

I wanted to see for myself, so I bought a footlong from Subway on Kimberly in Twin Falls.  I chose the location because it's close to work and they're always super nice there.  I did NOT have this one toasted.  As you see here, it's really close.  And if you look from one tip to the other, you're looking at a full 12 inches.

If  you were all stressed out about being gypped out of an inch of sandwich, you can rest easy.  It at least looks like our Subway is on the up-and-up.

... And it looks like I might have bumped my tape measure about 1/4 inch when I snapped the shot.  I'd line up a new one, but I ate my sub before I realized my mistake.  Either way, I'd say this Subway sub gets a pass.

via Gawker