We love our Facebook page. One of the reasons we love our Facebook page is because that is one of the places where we get to interact with you. We are very fortunate that a vast majority of our listeners are awesome to talk to. However, there are rare occasions when someone does something that gets them banned. Here are the top 3 offenses that will probably get you shown the Facebook door.

Before I start this list, let me state a few things. First of all, we HATE deleting comments and/or banning people. It sucks. We love it when listeners express themselves and this includes when they're ticked at us. Believe it or not, we appreciate criticism. It helps us understand how we can get better. Giving us a hard time will almost never cause us to slap your hand. But, the following things often will.

3. F-Bombs

We are not prudes. We know the F-word and others like it are a part of the real world. But, they have no place on our Facebook page. If you let one fly, you'll more than likely be on the wrong end of the ban hammer. If you can manage to make your bad word rhyme with another word, we'll still ban you. But, we'll probably also laugh.

2. Spamming our page with your non-local business and/or band page

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

We're glad that you have a booming yarn business in Seattle. Congrats on that. But, if you post a Wild Maggie's Yarn Barn link on our Facebook page, you'll be banned from every posting again as fast as our finger can click that mouse button that says "Delete and Ban". Or, if you share your band's video on our page, it will almost certainly get zonked. If your song is bad, we promise to ban you faster.

1. Harassing other listeners

William Lovelace, Getty Images

This is a tough one. It's a very healthy thing when we have listeners interact with each other when they have a different opinion. However, there is an imaginary line out there where the debate becomes too much. Threats and/or severe personal attacks are not tolerated when we see them. But, if we feel like you're trolling our page just looking to be disagreeable, we'll make sure it doesn't happen again. Believe it or not, we don't see everything since we do occasionally sleep. If you feel someone has crossed that line with you, let us know and we'll gladly take a look at the situation.

Here's the bottom line: Our Facebook page is OUR Facebook page. We'd also like to think that it's YOUR Facebook page. But, it's imperative that everyone play nice. We try to show people lots of grace and cut them some slack if things get rowdy.

If we're being honest with ourselves, we have to admit that sometimes it depends on our mood when we read your comment. We reserve the right to ban offenders quicker if someone takes up multiple parking spots when we're trying to get closer to the door at the mall. We are human.

Your input on our Facebook page is INVALUABLE to us - both good and bad. But, at the end of the day, it's not a democracy. If we feel something is unfair and/or damaging to the majority of the listeners who are perfect citizens when interacting with us, we'll say goodbye to your posting privileges.

Thanks for listening and being the awesome people almost every one of you are. Remember, we did say "almost".