I love candy, so this story is right up my alley. I have drawers in my work and home desks (and by my bed) dedicated to storing my candy. A few years ago I bought 42 pounds of Halloween candy for me, not to give to kids in costume. Proof in the picture below.

N8 Candy Bin
N8 Candy Bin

Easter candy isn't as exciting as Halloween or Christmas but it is still candy and usually means loads of chocolate, Peeps, and jelly beans. Jelly beans are awesome because there are so many different brands and flavors that you could have a whole bucket of different flavors. Granted not all of them will be good. I personally don't like the butter flavored Jelly Bellies. I'll usually hold on to those and throw them at my kids when I'm feeling generous. Maybe I should offer them as payment during this coronavirus quarantine since apparently they are one of the favorite flavors of Idahoans.

CandyStore says our favorite flavor is orange followed by buttered popcorn and cherry. I feel like I'd fit in better in Utah where they love cherry, banana, and black licorice. I did grow up there so maybe I'm still a Utahn at heart...or at least in my belly. CandyStore also took a look at the other traditional Easter candies to find out which are the worst and the best.

That is a list which is very open to debate. I think Cadbury Creme Eggs are fantastic. They are also extremely messy so maybe that is why they rank so low. Maybe they should have polled kids for this list (assuming they didn't by the results) because there is no way solid chocolate bunnies or those marshmallow chicks and rabbits would be on a 'worst of' list. I can see the dislike for chocolate crosses for so many reasons, They look gross and it seems wrong to eat a tortured chocolate Jesus. Peeps also made the 'worst' list, twice. If that is really the case, most of you won't be sad to hear that the Peeps factory has closed down due to coronavirus concerns. There should still be plenty of them on store shelves though...unless people start using Peeps as TP.

On the flip side, you can see their list of the best Easter candies, which almost seems to me like it should be flipped with the worst list. They have the Cadbury Mini Eggs as the best candy.

With the COVID-19 restrictions, do you still plan on celebrating Easter with an egg hunt?

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