Every year this list comes out and reminds us how OLD we are.

Beloit College in Wisconsin just released its annual "Mindset List" for this year's crop of incoming college freshmen . . . the class of 2015. Most of them were born in 1993, so they shouldn't remember much before 1998 or 1999.

Here are 13 highlights from this year's list of things today's college freshmen do or don't know . . . which will once again make you wonder if it's time to join the AARP.

#1.) They have no memory of the GEORGE BUSH presidency . . . meaning George H. W. Bush. In fact, they only have memories of the tail end of the CLINTON presidency.

#2.) Ferris Bueller is old enough to be their father.

#3.) "Amazon" makes them think of the website first, the river second.

#4.) O.J. SIMPSON has always been searching for the real killers.

#5.) MP3s have always been available to download, whether legally or illegally.

#6.) They've never seen the gigantic Sears catalog.

#7.) They have no memory of MICHAEL JORDAN on the Bulls.

#8.) They never saw "Cheers" on NBC.

#9.) Major League Baseball has never had fewer than six divisions, and has always had the wild card.

#10.) Their parents have told them stories about how they fought to get them a Tickle Me Elmo . . . when they were three.

#11.) Women have never been too old to have children.

#12.) They never saw the Soviet Union . . . to them, Russia has never had an official communist party.

#13.) The phrase "Don't touch that dial" on TV doesn't mean anything to them . . . their TVs never had dials.