I always thought that baldness was more about genetics than anything else.  Whether there's a scientific connection or not, a new survey compared jobs with baldness and found the jobs with the most bald males.

  1. Sales.  60% of the men surveyed in sales are bald or have lost a significant amount of hair since they started working.  (Makes sense to me.  Sales people don't make a regular paycheck.  How do plan a budget when you don't know what you're going to make next month?)
  2. Web developers.  (Maybe it's because they spend so much time running their fingers through their hair searching for garbage code?)
  3. Software engineers.  (see #2.)

25% of the men surveyed with thinning hair blamed the stress from their job.  The average man said he was working at a stressful job for four-and-a-half years before he started losing hair . . . but once it started going, it went quickly.

(Daily Express)