Look, if I have to have a mid-life crisis, I want to know when it is going to happen.  The Scotsman found some milestones for your life that will tell you what to expect.  A recent UK study asked 2,000 adults to rank life-defining milestones in order of importance and asked them at what age they had achieved them. Here are the results:

  • People get their first pet at 11
  • Have their first kiss at 14
  • Get their first job at 17
  • Fall in love at 18
  • Experience heartbreak at 20
  • Leave home at 20
  • Establish a career at 23
  • Get married at 25
  • Buy a home at 27
  • Have a child at 27
  • Divorce at 34
  • Have a midlife crisis at 41
  • Have their first grandchild at 54
  • And retire at 59.

I am pretty sure known of us will be retiring at the age of 59, but it never killed anyone to thinking positively. Right?