I think I've lost my keys for the first time ever.

I've misplaced my keys before only to have them pop up in some random place a few days later but this time, I think I've lost my keys for realzies.

A few of my friends at work have been telling me how much they would be freaking out right now.  And while I'm not exactly thrilled about it, I'm not losing any sleep over it.  Aside from the annoyance of having to get an entire new ring of keys made, it's not like I lost my wallet or anything.

But some people are telling me that they'd rather lose their wallet than their keys.  Really?  Your whole life is in your wallet.  Your drivers licence, check cards, credit cards and insurance cards.... everything that proves I'm a legal and contributing citizen is in my wallet.  And I'd much rather have to burn a new key than have to put a fraud alert on all of my credit cards and have to get a brand new account number for everything.

PLUS... If someone finds my keys, that's all they are.  Just some random keys that mean nothing to the person who finds them.  My wallet contains my identity and I don't want that in someone elses' hands.

I guess I was surprised by how many people who said they'd rather lose their wallet than their keys.  I'm curious what you think.