People always say that they would marry for money, but when it really comes down to it, I still beleive that people marry for love more than anything else. 

Acoording to, dating a rich guy does have it's down falls.

Pitfall #1: He works long hours.

Consider how people get rich in the first place. Unless they’re lucky enough to have been born into a royal family or big business, they have to earn their cash.

A man with lots of dough is a man who probably also works long hours. Princeton University researchers found that people who earned more money spent more time working and less time socializing. That means you’ll have money to spend on lavish dinner parties, but no partner to enjoy them with. Being a rich man’s wife can get lonely. But your rich, so who cares, right? 

 Pitfall #2: He is frequently tempted to misbehave.

Now, think about how many wealthy men behave. Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, John F. Kennedy, even Franklin D. Roosevelt... all were unfaithful at some point. Of course, those examples don’t prove that all rich men are unfaithful, but evidence suggests that wealthy men and women are more likely to have an affair.

According to a study by Prince and Associates (a company that studies the behaviors of the rich), more than 50 percent of America’s richest couples said they were unhappy in their marriage and that they had been unfaithful at some point.

What do you think.