Every time I walk into Abercrombie I automatically feel awkward and old because of the club-like music and pictures of half naked people that are everywhere. Even though these things bother me a little bit it doesn't stop me from shopping there. I understand that it is all advertising that isn't directed at moms like myself.

That being said I have never had a problem with Abercrombie & Fitch until now. Yahoo.com reported that in March, 2011, the retailer unveiled its spring line for Abercrombie Kids, a division targeting children ages 8 to 14. Included in the line was the “Ashley” Push-Up Triangle, a bikini top with padding. The launch prompted a violent response from parent groups.   

At first, Abercrombie tried to address the concerns by reclassifying the top as padded and saying it was not intended for very young girls. It stated on Facebook: “We’ve re-categorized the Ashley swimsuit as padded. We agree with those who say it is best ‘suited’ for girls age 12 and older.” But while the bottoms are still available, the bikini top is no longer featured on the company’s website.