It's not just your imagination.  The people around you really do smell bad.  In a jarring new survey, 21% of men, or one in five, say they don't ever wear deodorant.  They don't even put on some body spray.  They just ride it out naturally.

The survey also found that 21% of men never use shampoo . . . it's not necessarily the same 21% who don't use deodorant, but there's probably some overlap.

I think that if you are not going to use deodorant you should use some other method to manage sweaty armpits. I have heard that you can get Botox in your armpits to decrease sweat. Which is awesome! For the right price I would totally be willing to try this because I think we all can agree that sweaty armpits is just gross.

So, if you could afford it...would you get Botox in armpits?



--62% of men say they use aftershave or cologne . . . 54% prefer soap over a shower gel . . . and 17% never wear sunscreen.  (Daily Mail)