If the ridiculously-early start to the holiday season is making you panic . . . we can't tell you what to buy.  But we CAN tell you what NOT to buy.

In a new survey from Easier.com, women ranked the worst gifts that men buy . . . and men ranked the worst gifts that women buy.

And clearly people need these lists.  Because the study found more than HALF of women and about one in five men say they've opened a present from their significant other, and wondered what the heck they were thinking.

The survey also found about one in six couples have gotten into a MASSIVE FIGHT over a present . . . and one in 20 have actually BROKEN UP over a bad present.  So here's what NOT to buy . . .

1.)  Underwear.

2.)  Toiletries and cosmetics.

3.)  Perfume, because men never quite pick the right scent.

4.)  Kitchen utensils.

5.)  Cheap jewelry.

6.)  Chocolates.

7.)  Shoes or slippers.

8.)  A vacuum cleaner.

9.)  Flowers.

10.)  Exercise clothes, a workout DVD, or anything else that suggests she NEEDS to work out.

The Ten Gifts Women Should Never Buy For Men:

1.)  Clothes.

2.)  Gadgets, because women never quite get the exact thing a guy wants.

3.)  A man bag.

4.)  Stuffed animals.

5.)  Shoes.

6.)  Jewelry.

7.)  Chocolates.

8.)  A meal out.

9.)  Aftershave.

10.)  A framed photo.