Somewhere between 40 and 50 a guy is supposed to have a crisis and buy himself a sports car, right? (I always picture a convertable.)

According to a recent survey, women aren't buying it.  Nearly six out of 10 women say there's no such thing as a midlife crisis . . . it's just a "poor excuse" for a guy to do something stupid.

21% of women say they actually do believe in midlife crises and think they're a biological necessity.

Me?  I think they are very real.  I recently did a self evaluation and and when I came to the conclusion that there were probalbly fewer years ahead than behind, I had a bit of a moment myself.  I went out on a small business venture that I had been toying with for years and decided to jump in before anymore time passed.  I don't know if my version of a crisis is typical but I understand the sudden urge to do something.

Maybe a midlife crisis is a real thing?  And is a midlife crises exclusive to guys or can a woman have one as well?  You tell me.