Marvel released the latest trailer for this summer's hotly anticipated 'Iron Man 3' this week, and it paints a dark portrait of Tony Stark's world.

Tony Stark, brilliantly cast to type by Robert Downey Jr., used to think he was the coolest cat on the planet until he met a super soldier, the god of thunder, several super spies, and a creature he calls a "giant green rage monster." Now he's haunted by the events of "The Avengers" and his near-death experience leaving him unable to sleep.

So what does Stark do? Create new toys!

"Iron Man 3" not only unveils a new Iron Man armor (the 'Mark 42'! The armor he wore in "The Avengers" was the 'Mark 7'), but a slick new patriotic design for the War Machine--now dubbed the 'Iron Patriot'--and a whole cadre of armors that Stark calls his "backup."

But the trailer also sees Stark's world burned down by a villain called the 'Mandarin,' portrayed by the always brilliant Ben Kingsley. The Mandarin destroys Stark's armor, his home, and even kidnaps his girl Pepper Potts (Gweneth Paltrow).

So how does it all play out, and will "Iron Man 3" be the darkest of the trilogy? We'll find out on May 3rd.