Jury duty is the responsibility that we all have and mostly look for an excuse to not do. Some people never have to come up with an excuse - because they never get called in - so why do I keep getting picked for jury duty?

Don't get me wrong here - I am happy to serve on a jury and I find it interesting. But, I have lived here for about 6 years and I have been called in twice - each time I am on call to come in for the entire month - and been picked for the jury twice. My wife has never been called in and my boss who has lived here his entire life has never been called in...but his wife has gone in multiple times.

We are told that the drawing is random and if you have a driver's license or register to vote then you are automatically eligible to be chosen (with a few exceptions). While talking with my boss he told me that his wife has more of a questionable driving record than him and in my case I have been pulled-over by Police more than my wife. So are they picking on us for that?

After talking to quite a few people I am really wondering about the randomness of the drawing because it really seems that my experience is similar to everyone else. You either get called in often or you never get called in.