Man of Steel rocked the box this weekend with the biggest June opening ever, earning $113 Million dollars.

Man of Steel is the most action packed of any Superman film to date.  As his powers develop, we get to see Superman run through the gambit of his abilities to thier fullest.

This got me to thinking... if you could have only one of Superman's powers, which would you choose?

  • Flight?  There's no doubt, getting from point A to point B is a snap if you can fly.  No baggage check either.
  • Strength?  A flat tire would never be an issue if you could just lift your car with your little finger.  This one would probably be one of the most morally challenging powers.  You'd have to really rein yourself in if you saw somebody being bullied or if they cut you off on Blue Lakes.
  • Laser Vision?  I'm not sure of how practical it would be for day to day living.  Might be handy in the kitchen or for roasting junk mail.  It would also be morally challenging.  (Se above)
  • Heightened Senses (X-ray Vision or Super hearing) - Handy but not as impressive as a mother's ability to sense danger and hear kids getting into trouble from the other end of the house.

What say you?