A new report broke down every state in the U.S. with one main question:  How many people there are willing to get off the couch and exercise for a few hours a week?

And the results are just about what you'd expect.

TENNESSEE finished in last place on the list.  Only 51.8% of adults there do any sort of moderately-intense activity for at least two hours a week.

They just beat out Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Alabama.

On the other end, VERMONT has the most active residents . . . 73.3% of the people there exercise for at least a few hours a week.

They just beat out Alaska, Montana, Utah, and Maine.

Overall, nationwide, 64.5% of people do at least a few hours of moderate physical activity every week.

And 25.4% of us do absolutely NO physical activity every week.

(Yahoo Finance)

(--You can see a PDF with every state's breakdown here.  It's on page 14 of the report.)