I have a problem.  I have grill envy.  My friends and family keep bragging about their Traeger Smokers and I’m becoming insanely jealous.  I’m saving my pennies and I hope to have one by spring.  As soon as I had my mind made up that Traeger was the way to go, Linda sent me this post on facebook that told me I should look at a Green Mountain Grill. 

I am told that if I like to grill a lot of steaks and burgers, Green Mountain is the way to go because it puts a better seer on the meat.   If I understand her correctly, is seems that a Traeger is a smoker first and a grill second, while Green Mountain is a more of a grill that doubles as a smoker. 

I’m not sure I completely understand.  Does anyone have much experience with smokers who can help me out? 

 Which way should I go?  I do cook a lot of steak and burgers. 

They both cost around $400 on the low end.  If I’m going to throw down that kind of cheddar, I want to make the right choice.  Comment below... and thanks for the help!