The Morning Show has found yet another controversy that divides our city and rips apart family and friendships.

When the snow falls, it just feels like Christmas.  This is my favorite holiday and I love the sounds of the favorite songs I grew up with.  I was shopping over the weekend and I heard Christmas music over the speakers and I thought to myself, "Why aren't WE playing Christmas music yet?" 

I asked Jackie the same question on the Morning Show and I was suprised that while she likes Christmas music, she would prefer Christmas music around December 20th.  (Scrooge.)

Some of you are ready for it now... Others say wait until the day after Thanksgiving and a select few think Christmas music should be withheld until just a few days before Christmas day.

Here are some of your calls from the show today

Our Facebook Page went wild with your comments.

Help us decide.  Should we start Christmas Music now, wait until after Thanksgiving or put it off until the week of Christmas?