Registration for junior high and high school students begins on August 12th for some grades, followed by the elementary schools.

New teachers have orientation on the 15th, followed by teacher workdays on the 21st and 22nd.

The first official day of school for Twin Falls students is August 25th, 2014 with the first holiday for the kids on the Friday, Aug 29th.  That gives kids a four day weekend with Labor day falling on the following Monday, Sept 1st.

If you need a comprehensive Twin Falls school calendar for the 2014/15 school year, you can get it here.

You can also get information about individual school and grade registrations on the Twin Falls School District website or on their Facebook page.

Parents' reactions to moving the start of school to an earlier date are mixed.  Some parents have stated that moving the start of school prior to the Twin Falls County Fair creates challenges for kids who raise animals for show in the fair or for those who simply find school starting at around the same time as the fair, inconvenient.

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